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Kalymni is an Arabic online tutoring platform excited about giving enthusiast learners of the Arabic language an exceptional learning experience. Our methods are aimed at listening to student’s requests, and quickly giving answers and solutions while underscoring the richness and comprehensiveness of the program.

Why learn Arabic with Kalymni?

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We are a team of expert tutors and learners that help you learn Arabic easily online. We support, advise and motivate our students to learn and apply their Arabic knowledge. From the online Arabic course for beginners to advanced Arabic lessons online, our personalized teaching methods make learning highly effective with a clear focus on delivering on our promise of quality.

We have numerous courses arranged according to learner age, experience levels, interests and your unique goals. Whether you simply want to learn the Arabic language or looking to polish your proficiency. Kalymni combines robust technology and impeccable delivery supplemented with live classes and periodic assessments to improve your progressions and work on lagging areas.

At Kalymni, we offer an online Arabic course for everyone from beginner to advanced. Each course is interactive, learned-paced and accessible 24/7 allowing our students to learn from a place they prefer. Our students get access to expert teacher support and online student forums for an all-round learning experience.

Our personalized teaching method allows the tutor to give you the best experience on a personal level. Students can explore an extensive library of online Arabic lessons that incorporate fun and interactive activities, task-based learning, and 1-on-1 lessons with our qualified native-speaking teachers. We provide one-on-one intimate support throughout your Arabic learning experience with guidance every step of the way.